Melvaig Inn by Gairloch Melvaig Inn bar and restaurant

The former Melvaig Inn is   approximately 6 miles from Sands Caravan & Camping heading towards Rua Reidh Lighthouse.

A beautiful sensitively converted stone meeting house with fabulous views of the Isle of Skye and the Outer Hebrides.

How to find the Melvaig inn

Good news and bad news:

The bad news: Ian has decided to convert the Melvaig Inn into his house. Work is under way, and so the pub will not be open again.

The good news: some of us just won't let things lie. A hard core of locals - all too aware of how great a place the Melvaig Inn has been (and also distraught at the loss of their "second living room") - has got together. We started by trying to buy the pub, but couldn't achieve the asking price.

So we've moved on to plan B: build a new pub to continue Melvaig's now established tradition of offering food and drink, atmosphere and views to people from near and far.

It's early days, and if it goes ahead there's an awful lot of work to do, so we wouldn't expect to open before about Easter 2016.

In the meantime, we'd love to hear what you think.

We'll endeavour to keep the Facebook page updated with progress. If you'd specifically like to be kept abreast of things, please drop a mail to Here's to the future!



Want to stay within a five-second walk of the pub? There's a self-catering chalet!

Or stay at a bed & breakfast in Melvaig where the owners' chickens lay free-range eggs and their pigs produce delicious pork! Visit Fionn Croft!

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